Vehicle Body Repairs

Keeping your car in great shape is certainly not an easy task. If you use a shop to get vehicle body repairs, you will have a car that is in good condition. Body shops that offer vehicle body repairs are not particularly cheap, but there are ways to find the cheapest!

The next step is to get vehicle body repairs. Before you begin, see if some of the scratches on your car are light. A paint restorer and some elbow grease will usually get rid of those. After this, you can use CarBodyBids to find the best price on vehicle body repairs. This is a simple application that allows you to compare multiple service providers in a short space of time. Basically, you upload a detailed on vehicle body repairs job spec online.

If you take pictures of the scratches and dents that need to be fixed, then this helps dealers to give a much more accurate vehicle body repairs quote. When you have finished, you simply upload the job. Within hours, you will be getting on vehicle body repairs quotes from garages throughout dealerships. As they are all competing against each other, the price is driven down considerably.

Car Body Repairs

There are thousands of service providers in thousands of different industries throughout the UK. The hardest part of getting any kind of service is choosing the right service provider. Whether you are looking for a plumber or car body repair, the same thing applies. You need to spend some time and effort researching car bodywork repairs companies to make sure that they are the best possible solution. If you get the right car bodywork repairs service provider, then you’ll have a reliable, friendly, honest and great value for money option, any time that you need car bodywork repairs.

Recommendations on car bodywork repairs

Acting based on car body repair recommendations is always a great way to find a service provider. Ask friends and family and see if they have used any local car bodywork repairs shops offering car bodywork repairs. What do they have to say about the service they were offered? Was it good value for money? Would they use the car bodywork repairs service provider again? The great thing about recommendations is that they are transparent and unbiased.

Customer reviews for car bodywork repairs

The internet has now become a database of car bodywork repairs knowledge. Whatever you need to find, you can find it in a matter of minutes. The great thing is that this also means that you can find customer reviews of different companies that are offering car bodywork repairs. Read through the reviews and see what customers think about the company.

Remember, some companies will actually forge reviews to make their business look more established than it is. You’ll be able to tell the honest car bodywork repairs reviews from the forged one fairly easily. You can combine these customer reviews with the recommendations that you have received from friends and family to determine which of these companies you would prefer to use.

CarBodyBids & car bodywork repairs

Most people that are searching for a shop that offers car bodywork repairs are now using what is known as CarBodyBids. Basically, this is a website that makes a long winded process, a quick and easy one. With so many car bodywork repairs garages on offer, it becomes slightly difficult to choose one. It basically comes down to price and unless you spend days going from garage to garage, you are not going to be able to directly compare car bodywork repairs quotes.

CarBodyBids is a place where motorists and car bodywork repairs garages are connected with the click of a mouse. As a motorist, you can document the work that you need doing, using photographs where necessary. You post your job online and local companies will bid on the job.

You can search through multiple quotes at once and decide which company is offering the best overall package for car body repair. Instead of driving around multiple car bodywork repairs garages, you can make these garages come to you. It is not just a quick and easy process that is going to save you time, it will save you money as well. The car bodywork repairs garages listed on this website realise that they have to be competitive in order to get the work, which is great for any consumer that is a member!

Car Body Repairs

Car Body Repairs the easy way

 However hard you try to keep your car in pristine condition dents and scratches are going to appear. Sometimes it might be your fault, but the majority of times, it is likely that your vehicle will be the victim of a car-park hit and run. People open their doors and create small dents, or brush past and create small scratches. 1 or 2 is not going to make a big difference to your vehicle, but they soon build up. If you are looking for car body repairs, you can either do it on a DIY basis, or draft in a professional to help to get the job done.

The obvious advantage to fixing dents and scratches on a DIY basis is that the overall cost is going to be reduced dramatically. Different garages will charge different prices, but if you are looking for car body repairs, you can expect to pay £50 per hour or more. Sometimes this is going to be essential. For smaller scratches that have not actually made it down to the metal, you should be able to fix them on a DIY basis. Using paint restorers such as T-Cut will allow you to make the scratch look like it never even existed.
Equally, you can pull small dents out of cars using a DIY car body repairs dent puller. That being said, you really need to be careful. Every time metal moves, it is weakened. You need to get it right first time around otherwise you might find yourself replacing the whole panel.

You need to take a few things into consideration with car body repairs. What is the end result going to look like? Do you have a fairly old vehicle, or a new one? The chances are that the job you do on a DIY basis is not going to be perfect and using a repair shop might be the answer.

Drafting in the help of a professional is often the best thing that you can do. The reality is that you know when a professional starts a job; the job is going to be completed to an extremely high quality. Although they might charge lots of cash, you will always know that the job is going to be perfect; it will look like the dents and scratches were never even there. Of course, you need to consider ways to find the cheapest car body repairs in London; otherwise you could end up overpaying.

Car body repairs are a fairly easy process. You can use an online website such as CarBodyBids. They link consumers with suppliers. You can post a job relating to car body repairs and multiple garages will bid on that job. This means you have the opportunity to ensure that you get the best deal, instead of paying local dealer prices. You can also decide whether to use a car body shop for the car body repairs, or do-it-yourself, based on the prices that you are being offered. Using their mobile app could mean that you save hundreds of pounds!

Car Body Repair Quote

If your car has managed to acquire dents and scratches over the years, then it is probably starting to look a little bit tired. If you are looking to use a professional garage, then getting a car body repair quote before hand is a must. Sometimes, the quote might end up being much lower than you expected. Motoring is not cheap and unfortunately, fixing cars is simply part of motoring, making getting a car body repair quote a requirement.

When do you need help from a professional – getting a car body repair quote?

If you have paid thousands for your car and have pride in it, it is likely that you are going to want to keep it in good condition. A professional can help you get your vehicle back to show room condition and provide you with getting a car body repair quote. Of course, the biggest reason that most people get help from a professional is because they are looking to sell a vehicle. Scratches and dents will devalue the price of a car considerably. A  car body repair quote can help!

If you are looking to sell your vehicle, then getting a car body repair quote is essential. Getting a getting a car body repair quote and the scratches and dents attended to is going to help in two ways. It will help you to achieve a much higher price for your car. It will also help to set aside your car from the rest of the vehicles for sale. It will be in much better condition and therefore, is likely to generate a lot more interest from buyers. With the recent economic recession, it really is a buyers market, so you need to do whatever you can in your power to try and stand out from the crowd so make sure you get a a car body repair quote to repair and damage.

Understanding what you need to with your car body repair quote
If you are on a bargain hunt, then there are a few things you can do before you get a car body repair quote. The first thing that you can do is attend to some of the scratches yourself. You can do this by using a quality paint restoring product like T-cut. This will easily get rid of the light scratches on your vehicle. This will reduce the time needed at a body repair shop and therefore, the overall car body repair quote is going to be much lower than expected.

The next thing you can do is compare prices. Nowadays, there is a comparison website for just about anything. CarBodyBids has a free application where you can post a job to get a car body repair quote. Within hours, you’ll have  car body repair quotes from a range of suppliers in London offering you different deals based on the job spec that you posted.

You can select the car body repair quote that offers you the best overall package. It saves you lots of time, because you won’t need to actually drive around to get these car body repair quotes. Alongside this, you’ll have a great opportunity to save some money at the same time; you can pick the cheapest car body repair quote. It is the quickest and easiest way to get your car back to showroom condition on a budget.

4 Things You Need To Do After A Car Accident – getting car body accident repairs

If you are involved in an accident, there are a few things you need to do. You will need to call the police, photograph damage, visit a doctor and find a company that offers car body accident repairs.


If you are going to make a car body accident repairs claim, then the Police will need to be informed. If they are not informed and you do not get an incident number, your insurance company might not follow up the claim. At this point, you need to ensure that you trade details with the other person that is involved in the incident. Make sure you take their registration. This will mean that you can claim and that using a company offering car body accident repairs won’t cost you anything.

Photographing Damage

Photographing damage is important for your insurance company. They want to know exactly what happened and what the damage is. If they are not satisfied about the two detailed accounts of the incident, then they might come and visit to check the car over. This will ensure that when the car goes in for car body accident repairs, they have a rough idea of how much the car body accident repairs will cost.

Visiting A Doctor

You might feel completely fine, but always visit a doctor after an accident. If you have been involved even in a small accident, there might be damage to your body that is not visible. Things like broken ribs might not seem severe, but the rib could have caused internal bleeding that will cause you all sorts of problems in the long run.

Getting Car Body Accident Repairs

The next step is to get car body accident repairs. If this was a big incident, then you might want to claim through your insurance company. If the incident is small, then you might want to avoid a claim, so that your insurance premium is not increased. If this is the case, the best place to find a cheap and reliable supplier is on the CarBodyBids platform. Here, you can post a job for car body accident repairs, using the photographs that you took at the scene of the accident.
Give a detailed account of all the repairs that are needed and in your area will be able to provide you with accurate quotes. Using this platform means that you can get the car body accident repairs job done quickly and easily and you don’t even need to leave your home in order to choose a service provider. The companies that are offering car body accident repairs will come to you!

Car Accident Repairs Without Using An Insurance Company

When an accident occurs, most people claim through their insurance company. Why? They think that this is the quickest, easiest and cheapest option. Using an insurance company to arrange car accident repairs is certainly not the best option. The reality of the matter is that you will pay for this in the long run anyway. Next year, you will see the cost of your renewal spiral out of control due to the car accident repairs. Depending on the type of accident, you could see your insurance premium rise by 10-15%, which is certainly not ideal.

For this reason, if you can avoid a claim and using an insurance company to organise car accident repairs, then you should. It might seem like a complex process, but it is actually incredibly easy. You are not your insurance company’s priority, so the chances are, you will get your car accident repairs  completed in a much shorter space of time. The average insurance company might take 1-2 weeks to assess damage, find a local garage and you get your car back to you. For some people, this is just time that they can not afford to waste. They need to get their car accident repairs made in a matter of days not a matter of weeks.

You could visit dozens of companies offering car accident repairs in your local area. The reality is that this is going to take you a few days. What you should really do is compare the prices all at once. How? Use the application that has been developed by CarBodyBids. They allow motorists to get the best deal; they are putting the power into the hands of the motorist and not the garages that they use. Garages sign up and they apply for jobs that motorists post up regarding car accident repairs.

They know that they are going head to head with other garages for the car accident repairs, so they are extremely competitive. They not only offer extremely low prices in comparison to local deals, but they are going to offer a much better service to try and get you as a repeat customer for car accident repairs. The process of applying for jobs for them is a lot cheaper than a full blown marketing campaign. This means that they are able to reduce their rates for car accident repairs and you get a much better price than you would otherwise.

Body Repairs

Body Repairs! After your house, it is likely that your car is the second most valuable thing that you own. A reasonable family car could cost £20,000 or more. Even though you pay this amount of cash for a car, doesn’t mean that the value is going to stay as it is. In fact, even if you don’t drive the car and store it in a safe place, it will still start to lose value and require body repairs. The depreciation of a car can be accelerated in a number of ways and one of the easiest ways to do this, is to not fix dents and scratches.

Dents and scratches that require body repairs appear for a number of reasons. Maybe you got stuck behind a grit lorry on a frosty morning? Maybe you went into a store and came out to find someone has accidently bumped into your car and then drove off? The fact is, each of these small incidents combine to make a big problem. You can fix the problem fairly easily, by getting a body repair garage to help that specialises in body repairs.

By using a body repair garage that offers body repairs, you are ensuring that your vehicle is going to maintain its value. This is not just important because you want to keep your car looking fresh. If you ever come to sell your car, then dents and scratches that require body repairs are going to devalue it a great deal. Most buyers that are paying over £2,000 for a car will inspect the car in detail to see if it needs body repairs. What they will be looking for is these scratches and dents. If there are too many, it can make a 2 year old car look like a 10 year old car. Obviously this is going to have a huge negative affect on the price and it could mean that you are looking at a devaluation of around 5%.

But, body repairs are expensive!

It is true. Go into 5/10 garages in that offer body repairs and the quotes will be £50 per hour or more. For most people, this is just an outlay on body repairs that they can not afford to make. Of course, there are the 5/10 body repairs garages that offer extremely reasonable rates. The main issue is that you are not able to find them; they are not visible businesses. These are the body repairs shops that are on small industrial estates, with lower overheads, companies that you have never even heard of, but do a great job.

If you are looking for body repairs, your one stop shop should always be CarBodyBids. Independent body repairs dealers sign up here to offer out their services. They don’t have to use an expensive marketing campaign, which means their overheads for getting a body repairs job are incredibly low. So, what does that mean for you as the consumer? It means that you get a deal that is 30% or higher in discount, in comparison to a main stream car repair brand. Better still, you will have multiple quotes to choose from!